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Lucino Medina Martins - Journalist

Independent journalist Luciano Medina Martins lecturing about human rights. January/2010. Photograph: Tania Meinerz

All the texts I have posted on this blog were written by me. All the translations I have produced for this blog have been manually done by me. These texts contain my points of view on a great number of pieces of news published all over the world. Sources of information are always clearly referred to.

These texts have been mostly written in Portuguese, but some have been written in English. I write in English whekn there is direct interest for international readers on Latin American issues, or when I write for academic purposes.

Social Media and Microblogs

“Free speech, free internet.”, it may sound like an awful rhyme. On the other hand it can be one of the million mottos that depict the on-going revolution of the journalistic profession. This not-silent-at-all  revolution is part of a greater process in which new spaces are occupied by collaborative building of the public opinion, at the same time a larger number of people take a more active role in defining what is to draw the public attention.

The whole web, specially microblogs and social media, are the arenas where we will all witness much of the information wars of our time.

I am South American journalist dedicated to criticizing pieces of news that concern to freedom of speech, democratic practices, public companies’ transparency and the sovereign wealth funds. Lately I have researched about social media and the public opinion. In fact all these things are constantly linked. Read my texts and discover why. I hope you enjoy it.

Luciano Medina Martins – Independent journalist
International Federation of Journalists – NBR 10789
Wattsapp: +55xx51 993086352 | e-mail: lucianomedinamartins@gmail.com

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