Sequin (journal keeps on)

For many times I have faced challenging vocabularies, reading the baseball games comments on The New York Post, watching “Grumpy old men” with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon. So idiosyncratic!


Having to describe in engineering language the electric panel of truck assembling plants. There are so many vocabulary realms, not to mention W. Shakespeare’s plays or the Bible. Oaths, euphemism, homo lingo, or a Deep Purple’s piece of lyrics. I guess the list of challenges is just as long as one’s experience with English Language. Lifelong list. If my text sounds like “preposterous” or “pretentious”, I just hope you forgive me. These two words are the paradoxal concepts that some professional writers will come across along the experience of working, either in the academic world, or just as a professional into EFL having to meet students’ needs and anxieties. As you have mentioned Huck Finn, by Mr. Twain, I can give a very personal account on it. It is amazing. The story of two boys, one white and one black, defying the domination of an authoritative society. Fantastically update and metaphoric for the 21th century readers under the politically correct censorship. I have to write about my challenges on vocabulary, what about “sequin”. How embarrassing not to know what this tiny thing is.

Sobre Luciano Medina Martins

Journalist, blogger, activist against the abuses of states that violate citizens' rights. I don't write about one only topic, I like to interact with many different issues. No fake news here.
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