The Brazilian Government’s Restless Tax Climb and the new Oil Regulation

One of the world’s most complex, most difficult to be managed and that has the heaviest duties, the Brazilian taxation system is expected to break another record in 2010, according to the Brazilian government revenue managers (tax collectors) . Upon these expectation of high tax collecting the Brazilian Federal Government is forecasting its budget for the next year.

New Oil Rules

The most curious about today’s context of the Brazilian federal governments actions is the clear message that for the “people’s good” there is no limit for the political conduct. Besides pushing through the congress a new tax for healthcare (CSS, meant to fight the new swine flu) and forecasting growth in the money from taxes, the Brazilian Government wants to change the Oil Law  – a Brazilian bill that regulates the exploration of oil in the country. The newly found “pre-salt” oil reserves have created a wave of speculation and political agendas.

 Today the new rules for the oil market were released in an event with 3000 guests. This bill has not even been approved by the Brazilian congress. President Lula said these new rules could be compared, in historical and political importance, to the 1822 Brazilian independence. Maybe exaggerated but of clear political intentions in the use of the Brazilian oil. President Lula says he wants to distribute the profit of the pre-salt oil among the poor. Will that bring more confidence to the investors that have put money in Petrobras, the Brazilian oil giant corporation that actually invested in the whole research that led to the finding of new oil reserves?  It is at least questionable.

Sobre Luciano Medina Martins

Journalist, blogger, activist against the abuses of states that violate citizens' rights. I don't write about one only topic, I like to interact with many different issues. No fake news here.
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